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Information technologies are one of the important aspects of any business that uses digital technologies.

Frequently small and medium business does not have enough qualified human resource to solve any kind of outlined  task or there are cases when it does not need permanent staff  for a concrete task.

Taking into consideration all the above-mentioned we have gathered a high-qualified group of people who will really justify your confidence, set up a technical task and carry it out together with you.

IT consultation will envisage safety of your business and all carried tasks during consultation and working process will be confidential.




Web-page is a kind of demonstration of your business in internet space. It is multifunctional: web-page has its contents which illustrates your activity  by textual as well as by photo and video materials. Web-page also gives us possibility to realize production. It contains contact information as well:

-  Logotype design

-  Web-page design

-  Administration panel (CMS - Content management system)

-  Mobile compatibility

-  Multilingual interface

-  Internet-marketing

-  Usefultechnology : HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Flash



Network communication infrastructure is necessary for your business.

Today nobody is surprised by internet at home or outside by using different computer and portable hardware.

Different providers serve us and provide us with internet to a concrete device. But to redistribute it to different devisees is frequently very difficult.

We offer you to create  a network drawn, to find and buy appropriate apparatus and then to install it with cable or with devices of WiFi.





90% of business, starting fromsmall business, uses a certain amount of services  based on communication between a client and a server.

We use free or corporate electronic mails and different kinds of web-servers for host a web-page. Besides, we use cloud services to store information. All these processes are based on communication between a client and a server.

There is a big choice of free and paid server resources.

Our group can precisely set and put in motion server infrastructure that you need and it will be optimal for your costs.




Security of your data is the most important aspect for the success of your business.

In digital world there is a risk to infringe safety of information: misappropriation and destruction of information by hackers or by viral scripts, besides by incompetence or negligence.

Net Studio offers you the training service of  information Security for updating competence of your staff. We also offer you a partnership list, by the help of which you will be able to receive a high-quality service for your physical security.




Effective communication is the main aspect for your business promotion.

We offer you:

-  Corporative telephones

-  Conference systems

-  Video broadcasting systems






We have rich printing experience with productions of  leader manufacturer brands: Canon, Panasonic, HP, Xerox, Epson, etc.

Our goals are: searching, buying, installation and configuration.

We also cooperate with companies having high-productive and high-quality printing systems.